Pet Policy

Pet Policy

Caroline Drive Apartments is a pet-friendly location, however certain properties may have their own individual policy that forbids certain types of animals or pets in total. Below is our standard pet policy each resident is required to complete the registration form for approval.

  • The total weight of pets cannot exceed 50 pounds (this includes all pets weighed together not individual)
  • Deposit $500 ($350 nonrefundable)
  • The monthly fee is $35 per pet
  • Proof of liability insurance policy covering pet
  • Breed Restrictions: Pitbull, Rottweiler, Chow, American Staffordshire, Bull Terrier, or any other aggressive breed.

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Animal Rules

You are responsible for the animal’s actions at all times. You agree to abide by these rules:

  1. The animal must not disturb the neighbors or other residents, regardless of whether the animal is inside or outside the dwelling.
  2. Dogs, cats, and support animals must be housebroken. All other animals must be caged at all times. No breeding of any permitted animal is allowed in the community.
  3. Animals may not be tied to any fixed object anywhere outside the dwelling units, except in fenced yards (if any) designated for your exclusive use.
  4. You must not let an animal other than support animals into swimming pool areas, laundry rooms, offices, clubrooms, other recreational facilities, or other dwelling units.
  5. Your animal must be fed and watered inside the dwelling unit. Do not leave animal food or water outside the dwelling unit at any time, except in areas (if any) that may be designated for your exclusive use.
  6. You must keep the animal on a leash and under your supervision and control when outside the dwelling or any designated fenced area. Our representative or we may pick up unleashed animals and/or report them to the proper authorities. You agree that we may impose reasonable charges for picking up and/or keeping unleashed animals.
  7. Unless we have designated a particular area on the grounds for animal defecation and urination, you are prohibited from letting an animal defecate or urinate anywhere on our property. You must take the animal off our property for that purpose. If the animal defecates anywhere on our property (including a designated fenced area for your exclusive use), you will be responsible for immediately removing the waste and repairing any damage. Despite anything this Addendum says, you must comply with all local ordinances regarding animal defecation.

Additional Rules

We have the right to make reasonable changes to the animal rules from time to time if we distribute a written copy of any changes to every resident who is allowed to have animals.

Violation of Rules

If you, your guest, or any occupant violates any rule or provision of this Animal Addendum (based upon our sole judgment) and we give you written notice, you must remove the animal immediately and permanently from the Apartment. We also have all other rights and remedies set forth in the Lease, including damages, eviction, and attorneys’ fees to the extent allowed by law.

Removal of Animals

In some circumstances, we may enter the dwelling unit and remove the animal with one day’s notice left in a conspicuous place. We can do this if, in our sole judgment, you have:

  1. abandoned the animal;
  2. left the animal in the dwelling unit for an extended period of time without food or water;
  3. failed to care for a sick animal;
  4. violated our animal rules; or
  5. let the animal defecate or urinate in any unapproved locations.

In doing this, we must follow the procedures of the Lease, and we may board the animal or turn the animal over to a humane society or local authority. We will return the animal to you upon request if we have not already turned it over to a humane society or local authority. We do not have a lien on the animal for any purpose, but you must pay for reasonable care.

Liability for Damages, Injuries, Cleaning, etc. 

You and all co-residents will be jointly and severally liable for the entire amount of all damages caused by the animal, including all cleaning, de-flea, and deodorizing. This provision applies to all parts of the dwelling unit including carpets, doors, walls, drapes, wallpaper, windows, screens, furniture, appliances, as well as landscaping, and other outside improvements. If items cannot be satisfactorily cleaned or repaired, you must pay for us to replace them completely. Payment for damages, repairs, cleaning, replacements, etc. is due immediately upon demand.

As the owner of the animal, you are strictly liable for the entire amount of any injury that the animal causes to a person or anyone’s property. You will indemnify us for all costs of litigation and attorneys’ fees resulting from any such damage.


Conditional Authorization for Animal

You may keep the animal in the dwelling until the Lease expires. However, we may terminate this authorization sooner if your right of occupancy is lawfully terminated or if in our judgment you, your animal, your guests, or any occupant violates any of the rules contained in this Addendum or in the Lease.


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